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About Us

Pharinex is a 100% family and local company founded 12 years ago with the goal of bringing Premium nutritional supplements to pharmacies at a socially competitive price.

We have a great deal of experience in house, in the development, production, distribution and quality of medicines and dietary supplements.

With products and raw materials that we stand behind 100%. Where we are sure of the purity and efficacy. The strength of our products lies in the synergy of the various raw materials, which support each other and/or enhance the effect.

We develop our products ourselves according to the latest scientific studies. We only market products that we ourselves believe in, which we ourselves take and which we also recommend to family and friends.

Our products are all produced locally, under strict GMP and GMP+ regulations. We also ask our local Belgian suppliers to purchase our raw materials/packaging materials locally, so that we support the local economy in Belgium.

As a result, we also have a low carbon footprint.

All our products also carry a notification number issued by federal agency of food safety. So that you can be sure that all raw materials and products comply with European legislation.